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to honor gerardo hernandez. >> he is the first tsa officer killed in the 12 year history. they are wearing black bands over their badges in his memory. >>> they will review the policy on officer is shootings in the wake of the shooting. tsa agents are the first line of queens and said he will do everything possible to make sure something like this does not happen again. he did not it say whether or not he warrants agents to start carrying weapons. >> the lock down the lax stranded a marine who was trying to make it to his daughter's wedding. >> this is the first time the two met each other in person. >> whether or not he made it. >> tense moments last night. they reported a jet blew flight and rae moved a passenger after another passenger told the flight crew that he was plaquing threatening comments. >> they won't tell us what they were. but he showed signs of intoxication. >> a check of the aircraft turned up nothing. >>> happening now the start of the new york marathon. it is broken into divisions. >> it is 25 minutes ago. >> 40,000 runners will be going through the city's five boroughs
. >> the tsa officer killed was 39-year-old gerardo hernandez, the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. the head of the agency will meet with his family today. paul anthony ciancia is hospitalized in critical condition reportedly shot four times including in the mouth and leg. investigators are found a note on had him accusing the tsa of violating his rights. >>> the ripple effect of that shooting is being felt across the nation at airports all across the country. we're live at sfo. >> reporter: that shooting investigation is impacting all three bay area airports. here at sfo four are flights to and from lax on virgin merng cancelled this morning. the same airline scrapped two of its flights that were scheduled it to depart from san jose to lax this morning. oakland airport says delta airlines has cancelled two of its flights to lax out of land were land. behind us is the virgin america it ticket counter. all morning it was pretty busy as many pass jerpz trying to find alternate ways to get to their destination. virgin america operates out of terminal three at lax. that's where the sho
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2